Ronald McDonald

Ronald has been a part of The Olde Frothingslosh Chapter for quite a few years now.  He joined and was, as many were, very good friend with Bud Hundenski.  When Bud had his accident, he helped his son finish up the work on the house that Bud was still working on.  He's always the first in line to help others carry heavy boxes at the show..  He's a man with a heart of gold and we are lucky to have him as an officer.  He is involved with so many clubs and activities that for him there are not enough hours in the day.  I'm glad he always finds time for us.
He offered to take over Bud's position and picked right up where he left off regarding relations with some of our distributors and brewers.  Ronald brought North Country Brewing on board and they have not only been wonderful to us with their donations.  They also won BCCA Beer Can of the Year!  
Along with everything else, he graciously donated to us our current PA system for the shows. 
Contact Ronald at:
724-601-6797 or

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