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The Olde Froth Crew

Olde Frothingslosh would never have lasted for 50 years without many passionate and generous people taking the helm over the years!   Congratulations Olde Froth!  


We do not simply thank our current officers and our current board of directors, we thank all of the officers and members who have stepped up to the plate over the years and not only held this club together but helped it to prosper.


Most of all, we thank our members who year after year after year support us with their funds, their company, their advice and their friendship.  Without all of our members and past leaders, our current leaders would not be here in charge of the same Chapter. 


Each of our officers and members have their own stories of how they came to be part of this chapter and how and why they started collecting.  Please click on any of our links at the right side of the page and learn more about these long time members, Officers and Board Members.

Jerry Lorenz


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