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Deborah Lorenz

I met a guy

How did I get into breweriana collecting?  I got to know a guy named Jerry Lorenz back in the early 1990's.   He was so interesting to me and started my love for collecting.  I then started going to CANventions and quickly became hooked on both!   I got into collecting "Women and Beer" and over the years, we've had some very "lovely ladies" gracing our walls. 

I spent most of my career (about 40 years, at Allegheny General Hospital in the medical field and wore many hats in my various jobs there and, at the same time, I was Jerry's partner in the Bierhaus, our North Side tavern.
We decided to run for office for the Olde Frothingslosh Chapter and we won!   We co-hosted the 2003 BCCA Canvention in downtown, Pittsburgh and 24 years or so later, here we still are, officers of the club.
In addition to being  the Secretary, I'm  also the membership director, newsletter editor, FB and website manager.
You can contact me at:

412-708-9267 or


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