Phil Koval

Phil Koval has been a long time member of the club but has in last couple of years really stepped up to the plate for the Olde Froth Chapter by putting his "mojo" where his mouth was.  After complaining for awhile about the lack of diversity in the  types of beer being offered in our show prize raffles, he did something about it. 
He began by representing the chapter at different Craft beer Brew pubs that are opening all over the Pittsburgh area.  He developed relationships and began getting donations of growlers from different craft breweries.  Each growler has a tag attached that says "one free fill".  It's been an awesome addition to our show raffles.  Phil, along with now being on the Board of Directors, is going to continue  working with the chapter in his role as a craft beer enthusiast and ambassador!  He put together and hosted a show in Verona for the chapter which was a great success!  
Phil finally did it and got married to long time girlfriend, Karen and is a happy, lucky guy!    Welcome to the olde frothingslosh family, Karen!
 Contact Phil at 412-377-9638 or