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Richard Ober

From There to Here
There:  I started collecting breweriana in the early 1980's and became a member of the Olde Froth Chapter of the BCCA.  In the late 1990's, I became treasurer, a position that I still hold today.  I collected everything Western Pennsylvania, especially material from my family's breweries, Eberhardt and Ober and Ober Brothers, along with Christian Brecht Brewery in Franklin (He married my great aunt).  I had an extensive collection of Pittsburgh Brewing Tech products when I found out no one else had a particular interest in that product.  Most of the material was produced during prohibition.
Here:  Today while I still collect family material, my main interest is in the history of brewing in Western Pennsylvania.  I co-authored a book with Robert Musson that outlined all the breweries in Allegheny County for 200 years and also one that  details the brewing history in Beaver County.  I have also written articles for various publications on brewery history.  You can contact me at:
724-378-7020 or
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